There is a slight problem with the webcam and weather functionality.

We are working on resolving the problem so please bear with us.


Edit – Now all back to normal – thanks for your patience (0814 31st May)

  1. Sunday 21st July and the camera and weather station are offline again. This happened before and it came back on its own after about 48 hours. We are not sure what the problem is, but it could be that the router is buffered up and will automatically reset in time. We do not have access to this. If not, then it will be a trip to site to see what can be done.


  2. The webcam and weather station are back after about 48 hours with no input from us! It those naughty little fairies again.

  3. The webcam and weather station have been off for a couple of days as apparently there was a lengthy power cut at Raydon. We can’t blame the fairies this time. The standby batteries on our little computer will probably only now last for a short while. But it has all been reset and back on line as of 5pm Aug 3rd. Please let me know if you spot that it is off line again.

  4. Another power cut at Raydon of several hours due the gale which came through on Monday morning 28th Oct. That knocked out the weather information and the webcam on the Radmac website. However the weather station kept recording with battery backup and that part is up and running again on the interweb.

    If you look at the monthly records on the weather pages you will see there was a gust of 72mph and a ten minute average of 49mph!

    The webcam is frozen though and we are working on that, so please bear with us.

    But if you would like some good advice on storms please listen to this link supplied by Dennis.

  5. The webcam problem has now been resolved….those high winds have a lot to answer for….but that’s normal in our hobby !!

    Thnankyou for your patience.

    If you notice any other issues then please let us know.


  6. The weather station and web cam look to be frozen again; last update about 2 days ago. Can you please give it a prod ;¬)

  7. Morning,

    All back online. No idea why both went offline but thanks for raising that Alan.

    We’ll keep an eye on it.


  8. Many thanks for sorting out the weather station and web cam so quickly.

    Thanks, Alan

  9. Good morning all, Friday 15th November, it seems that although the webcam is fine, the weather station is offline. I can’t establish the reason so far. Please bear with us.

  10. Dec 5th am and the weather information had stopped for some reason. The computer said ‘AVG restart necessary’ so the system was rebooted remotely and now it all seems to work again. I have no idea if this was the problem though, so please don’t think I know what I am doing. Those troublesome little fairies again probably. I will keep an eye on it.