Video Gallery added!

A Video Gallery has been added to the site, currently linked to You Tube videos that have been filmed at Raydon or are members models being flown elsewhere.

If you’d like to add videos to the gallery that are currently on the web please send me the link.

Thanks LM website@radmac.club

We need your pictures!

We’re updating the website so if anyone has any pictures you’d like to feature in the club galleries of your models, events etc, please email me and I will send a link for you to upload a zip file containing your images.

<Make them as high resolution as you can and I’ll adjust them to suit the site.

Thanks LM website@radmac.club

Website Updates

We’re testing a few new sections such as a user forum, so on occasion you may see an opportunity to register. Please do not register at this time, the forum is strictly enabled for testing and configuration at this time. Thanks LM