Biography - Ian MacFadyen

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Ian MacFadyen


“Like so many Ian flies with these days, control line came first.
Ian built and flew his first Free Flight when he was 15, a Veron Sky Scooter, he persuaded an Uncle to buy me a 1 cc ED Bee which he later used for many years.
Radio Control came much later and he learned to fly mode 1 with a club in wales in 1978.  This continued until 1990 by which time he had moved to Suffolk and had joined the Diss & District club.
Work kept Ian busy and he did not fly R.C again until 2013 with the Ipswich RCMC, his first job was to learn mode2 and with the help of a simulator he managed to rearrange his brain to accept that change and attained a Fixed Wing A certificate during 2013.
Ian was invited to join RADMAC three years ago and now enjoy the best field he has ever flown from and with a friendly and helpful group of fellow flyers, what could be better!”