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    Lee Marshall

    The forum offers the ability to add imagery to posts by way of a link or embedded in the post itself.

    There is an individual file limit (per image) currently of 1024KB (1MB) so any files or imagery added must be less than that.

    Adding as a Link

    This allows a maximum of 4 files/images to be attached to a post, each one no more than 1MB (1024 KB) in size.

    Embedding an Image

    Images can be embedded in posts. There is currently no restriction on how many images can be embedded in each post but ensure they are restricted to 1MB in size.

    Use common sense please when adding images.

    There are few free programs that allow you to reduce the size of imagery and one of these is linked below.

    Photo Razor

    There are also some on online resources available where you do not need to install a separate program.

    Pic Resize

    Resize Image

    Simple Image Resize

    Fix Picture

    If you try and load an image that is too large you will be warned to submit an image at a smaller size.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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