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    Lee Marshall

    Project Manager – Nigel Banham

    The cracks have been inspected and a decision made to rectify them by grinding out the cracks (inside and out) and sealing them to prevent water ingress.

    After discussions, it was agreed the action would be taken forward by Nigel who will arrange the procurement of materials needed and arrange some club member’s resource and a suitable date.

    VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED – Please reply to this topic if you are willing to offer your help.

    Further details will be provided nearer the date.


    Tony Waters

    Hi Everyone,

    Nigel has been working on the external walls of the club-house, grinding blown bricks and cracked mortar out; “masticing” the cracks and rendering the holes. It is a long job but he is going to continue today and his  son Ben is going over with him (he is a plasterer and he does stuff like this – he has been giving Nigel lessons!) When Nigel has done, he will be asking for some volunteer painters, so that we can get the walls painted before the winter!

    If anyone can offer Nigel some help, please contact him ASAP so he can sort out when will be best to undertake the painting please.


    Nigel Banham

    Hi Everyone,

    We got on quite well yesterday and finished the West wall of the main building. This was by far the worst one. Ben (my son) was off work having hurt his foot but he regards our job as “light entertainment!!” The West wall of the rear annex still needs priming and rendering after a bit more grinding out.

    Then there are the other walls + the inside of the entrance corridor, which is in a bad state. The raw render will need priming before we paint it and my concern is that we will run out of time and I am trying to decorate my own house at the same time…….!  N


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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