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    Nigel Banham

    We are asking all committee members to test models, both their own and anything that may be dodgy, not with a view to enforcing hard rules, but with the idea that it will give us a baseline for judgement.  People with models which are way over the 82db at 7 meters will be asked to do their best to reduce them. When we discussed it as a group, it seemed that there are solutions and remedies available. The way that a model is flown also has an effect on this. Not everyone tears around flat out all the time! Our aim is simply to protect our site, particularly in view of the new housing at the edge of the airfield. There is a person moving in there, who is known to a committee member and who may be able to give us some feedback. We doubt if there are going to be any issues but it is sensible to be aware of potential problems. A number of members have already elected to have models tested. Our thanks for your co-operation.  We, as as a group need to make engine manufacturers more aware of the need to address this issue, particularly with large petrol 2 strokes.

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