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Tony Waters

Hi Lee,

Give me a little while to recover, I never realised when I started out to build 3 how tedious it was going to be. I really struggled to finish them. It appears I now know I get bored once I know how to do a part of the build, so knowing I had to do the same part again and again, just bored me!

I currently have a building board list of Wot4 (for my grandson) – Nearly finished!

SebArt AngelS 50 Evo – Waiting to be assembled.

Ducted fan Cougar – a RBC kit, I have every thing t finish it.

Brian Taylor Mk9 Spitfire – Plan scratch build, again I have everything to finish it.

Mam’selle 37 1/2″ Vintage – scratch build. Plus Macgregor Digimac III transmitter conversion to 2.4Ghz

However, rest assured, if I feel like building another one, you will be first on my list to contact.

Best regards