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    Tony Waters

    Hi All,

    I thought I would start this topic off, by sharing my latest project that I have just completed.

    I have built 3 baby Thunderbolts finished in Raydon colour schemes. The aircraft were built for myself, John Kinsey and Rob Jardine, thus the designations of SX T, SX J & SX R.

    JK has test flown all three and reports that the fly really well, and should look good once we all get to fly them up the strip in formation!

    They were built from a free RCM&E plan, suitably modified to have 4 functions (Rudder was added) and a large hatch for ease of getting to the battery and fitting the elevator and rudder servos in the main body.

    Electric powered by a Hacker A20 12-XL motor, 3 cell 2200mAh lipo,  Jeti 33 amp ESC & HiTec  HS55 servos x4.



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    Lee Marshall

    One question….how much for an SX L version 🙂 .  Thunderbolts are a favourite of mine.

    Look great Tony, nice work, looking forward to seeing them flying.

    Tony Waters

    Hi Lee,

    Give me a little while to recover, I never realised when I started out to build 3 how tedious it was going to be. I really struggled to finish them. It appears I now know I get bored once I know how to do a part of the build, so knowing I had to do the same part again and again, just bored me!

    I currently have a building board list of Wot4 (for my grandson) – Nearly finished!

    SebArt AngelS 50 Evo – Waiting to be assembled.

    Ducted fan Cougar – a RBC kit, I have every thing t finish it.

    Brian Taylor Mk9 Spitfire – Plan scratch build, again I have everything to finish it.

    Mam’selle 37 1/2″ Vintage – scratch build. Plus Macgregor Digimac III transmitter conversion to 2.4Ghz

    However, rest assured, if I feel like building another one, you will be first on my list to contact.

    Best regards


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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